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Scientology Freewinds Cruise Ship Accommodations Brochure

Interested in staying aboard the “Church” of Scientology cult “luxury” cruise ship? What this accommodations brochure doesn’t show are the crowded, unsanitary conditions of Sea Org staff berthing and similar lower level berthings for Scientologists who can’t afford any of the suites or shared rooms shown here. What is also not revealed is the fact that this “luxury” cruise ship is a serious health hazard that would never pass safety inspections in the United States due to all the cancer-causing toxins that cannot be effectively removed, no matter how hard the cult tries every several months when it is docked for weeks on end.

It is not a coincidence that OT VIII completions and veteran Sea Org Freewinds crew suffer from high rates of brain and lung cancer.

Freewinds Accommodations Brochure

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